Business Technology Solutions

About Us

WeInsureTech offer warranty services on both new and pre-loved electrical equipment to the retail and service industry.

All work is carried out within our secure workshop by our highly skilled minions.

Out Technical Customer Care solutions support:

- Mobile phone 
- Tablets/IPads
- Games Consoles
- Mac and Window Laptops / Desktops
- Bespoke electrical equipment

While there is a fine line between genius and insanity our Directors sit precariously on the fence occasionally falling from one side to the other.

They have decades of technical and management experience from the early innovation of Mobile Phones, PDA’s, Tablets and Games consoles. 

They have developed built and repaired nearly every model that has been to market, and some that have not.

They are always looking for new challenges to innovate and support both our customer, and our customer's customer.